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Next to, we enclose our application form for season 2018.

Participants can download this or use forms of our agents.

Please send form with pigeons to:


Andrzej Grodny
ul.Wincentego Witosa 92
32-851 Jadowniki, Poland


Best regards,
The Krakus team






Welcome to All Breeders in new season 2018!


At present, Krakus race is in the process of taking pigeons.

All participants are requested to attach an application form to the package or send it electronically.

Form 2018 is available on our website.

Of course you can use apply forms of our agent.


The list of current participants can be checked on the Benzig website in the PARTICIPANTS tab:


It is updated in real time.




If you want to send to us pigeons, please contact with our agents or with us personally:

mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

phone: +48 882-075-330


In case if we don't have agent in your country, don't worry!

We will send a courier!

Delivery time is max. 18h (from UK to our lofts).


If you have questions, please contact us,

The Krakus team




Officially, we can announce that from the new season 2018, OLR Krakus will join the BENZING family.

At the beginning of the week, a new system was installed, launched and tested.
The previous one was replaced with the original equipment and new software from BENZING.

Alexander Engstler from Austria, the company's representative, personally visited our loft and supervised the assembly of equipment.




And we could not miss it!
67th National Exhibition of Pigeons
10th International Pigeon Fair
12-14 January 2018



 Valued and recognized manufacturer of the best supplements for pigeons

Professional, fully equipped lofts with the possibility of commutation, and assembly throughout the country.

 Nutrients and means for pigeons known and valued the Dutch company.
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